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Tenant Tactics Blog

It is not uncommon for office users to sublet unused individual offices. It has become so common that  major landlords now have addendums addressing this issue. It should not be a surprise to your landlord if you make this request during lease negotiations. 

On the...

To most, the function of a commercial real estate broker is to simply identify a space and negotiate basic terms. On the other hand, at IN/House, we believe a broker should serve as a consultant for all real estate matters throughout the term of a lease or ownership.


The second largest line item on most businesses’ budgets, coming in just behind personnel costs, is occupancy costs.

There are four major economic issues a tenant should focus on before entering into a lease to best control overall expenses. These include:

  • Base rent...

Imagine your lease is coming up for renewal and the terms of the renewal are broad. The lease likely states, “The renewal term shall be “X” years at a rate equal to Fair Market Value (FMV) or “X” percent greater than the last year’s rate.” Some leases might add the phr...

Is your real estate agent qualified to provide the services you need?

In order to provide real estate services to the “Public,” individuals must first take several college level courses then pass a State exam to be a licensed salesperson. Brokers must have years of expe...

Several years ago, one of our clients received a surprise from their landlord. Apparently, a notice was delivered to their office which required a response in five days. That in and of itself should not have been an issue except for one thing: The notice was delivered...

October 3, 2018

Too often companies, particularly small companies, look at their real estate needs as a necessary evil that needs attention every three to five years. In reality, real estate is not only the number two-line item on most firms’ financial bottom line for expenditures, bu...

In most industries, when a manufacturer makes or sells consumer products there is a simple pricing formula. For example, in the clothing business a company would manufacture a garment for “X” dollars. It would be sold to the retailers at “2X.” The retailer would then d...

It’s a year before your lease expires and it seems you have a target on your body. Almost every day you receive yet another cold call from a broker.

How do they even know when your lease is up or that you’re the person in charge?

That’s the easy question. Since the early...

July 23, 2018

A headline like this will likely turn a few heads. After all, one of the major selling points that most brokers highlight in their pitch is how well they know the local market. Brokerage firms that have multiple offices often promote that fact to attract clients with l...

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