There's more to commercial real estate than just finding space.

Our clients focus on their core business while we focus on all aspects of their real estate

Real estate represents the SECOND largest line item on the budget, yet many firms only focus on the big issues such as lease renewals. They engage commercial brokers specifically to locate space and negotiate a transaction. The question left unanswered is, “Who addresses real estate matters issues when they arise during the term or as a client's business changes that may potentially impact real estate needs?”

IN/House created a business model that was designed to fill that need.

IN/House Corporate Real Estate set out to develop a unique commercial brokerage firm that would better serve all the real estate needs of our clients rather than simply focusing on the transaction. We exclusively represent tenants and never a commercial landlords. Thus, we can not act as a dual agent at any time.

If you are like most small and mid-sized firms, you likely hire outside consultants to assist you with many aspects of your business such as accounting or legal matters, IT, Marketing or business development. According to a study conducted by UCI Graduate School of Business Management most firms that size delegated the real estate oversight to an internal manager who either has little real estate background or if they do, they may be assigned multiple tasks within the firm.


IN/House’s clients recognize that whenever a real estate situation comes up, we are there for them. This could include planning space needs for their changing business, identifying new premises and overseeing every aspect of the transaction from negotiations, in-depth lease reviews (business points), construction monitoring and move assistance. But most important, we are there for our clients on call throughout the term of the lease as matters come up including landlord/tenant issues, operating expense reviews and much more. Often, even property managers will call us first if they see an issue with one of our tenant/clients, knowing we can address and quickly solve the matter on behalf of our client.

For more than 25 years our clients, of all sizes, understand that managing their real estate is not simply a transaction every few years but rather a major part of their corporate structure that needs to be properly planned, implemented and monitored on a continual basis. To our clients, we are their in-house real estate department.

Several times a week we provide real life solutions to problems and issue that face our clients and how we worked to resolve them. Come back often for updates. Click at the bottom of this page for previous Solutions


September 18, 2020

Are you in an industrial building paying NNN or CAM charges? But what is included and are being double charged? A client was going through a PPP audit and we found that they were paying for one line item directly to a vendor but they were also paying for that same item monthly to the LL as part of the NNN charges. OOPS! A $10K overcharge. Check your charges.


Be sure to follow our Solutions of the Day. Real time solutions to real tenant issues that our clients have faced after leases are signed and how IN/House helped

For over 20-years In/House worked with Singer Lewak LLC structuring and managing dozens of leases for their many offices. Through the years Jerry saved the company well over $1M in pass-through expenses and lease restructuring not only through strong negotiations but through the term of each lease.

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Jerry S. Neitlich established IN/House Corporate Real Estate in 1992 bringing with him over 30 years of corporate business and real estate experience.

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