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In order to ensure your relocation will be as smooth and efficient as possible, we have assembled the following "Moving Day Checklist". We hope that you will find it a useful resource.



A. 6‑18 Months Ahead

  1. The decision is made with IN/House to relocate.  Lease is signed or contract to purchase is completed.


B. 6‑12 Months Ahead

  1. Advise staff of the decision.

  2. Appoint executives responsible for moving.

  3. Work with space planner to finalize new layout to modernize the operation.

  4. Select appropriate new equipment and furniture.

  5. Obtain recommendations to upgrade services (telephone, Telex, wire services, computer terminals, EDP, etc.)


C. 1‑3 Months Ahead

  1. Appoint floor or section moving officials.

  2. Advise municipality (tax refund?).

  3. Advise the bank (branch change/ checking address).

  4. Advise auditors.

  5. Advise insurance companies (moving insurance, liability, casualty).

  6. Prepare change-of-address notice to all periodicals.

  7. Prepare final floor plans and coding systems.

  8. Prepare change‑of‑address forms for vehicle registrations.

  9. Advise employees of moving day requirements.

  10. Redesign office stationary and revise communications material.

  11. Advise owners of rental equipment and services (telephone, copier, plants, etc.).

  12. Advise companies representing charge accounts or credit cards.

D.  1 Week‑1 Month Ahead

  1. Advise post office/utility companies.

  2. Mail change‑of‑address cards to clients.

  3. Code and prepare office contents for moving.

  4. Arrange for transfer of essential ‑services.

  5. Follow your mover's guide for preparation of office furniture (files, accessories, typewriters, equipment, shelving, draperies, pictures, maps, etc..).

  6. Alert both building superintendents.

  7. Arrange for freight elevators, loading docks.

  8. Place change‑of‑address advertising.

  9. Arrange supervisor's schedule.

  10. Check coding of moving materials/boxes.

  11. Final instructions to employees.

  12. Arrange moving notice on the door or on the building directory.


E. 4 Days Ahead

  1. Check new premises for acceptance.

  2. All employees to remove personal possessions, easily moved and especially fragile items.

  3. Arrange specially marked cartons "first, needed items".

  4. Move Auditing Department files to new vaults.

  5. Distribute new stationery, business cards, sales literature, keys.


F. Moving Day

  1. Allow professional movers to operate; retain only employees designated as essential supervisors.

  2. Check telephone reference information (if a telephone number is new).

  3. Pray that "Murphy's Law" is defied.

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