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For over 20-years In/House worked with Singer Lewak LLC structuring and managing dozens of leases for their many offices. Through the years Jerry saved the company well over $1M in pass-through expenses and lease restructuring not only through strong negotiations but through the term of each lease.


Lucy Jared, Chief Administrative Officer of Singer Lewak said, “The service and responsiveness working with Jerry Neitlich was unparalleled. He was always there and saved us money on so many occasions it was uncanny.”


Jerry goes above and beyond as a commercial broker.  Fighting for the most favorable lease terms and guiding us through that process is only the tip of the iceberg.  He also helps with many “after lease” issues that arise and takes an active interest in making sure our tenancy experience- start to finish- goes as smoothly as possible.

Eric M. Schiffer, Managing Partner




We have been extremely fortunate to have Jerry Neitlich from IN-House Corp working, for the past 15 years, in securing and maintaining our lease agreements. He is very detail oriented and keeps both us and the landlord on task. Many little things pop up when negotiating these deals and Jerry has been spot on in getting them resolved. I would highly recommend Jerry for all you leasing needs.


Gary Dorf, Au.D

Regional Sales Manager; HIC Region



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