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Unique Approach

If you have a lease that terminates in 12 to 18 months, you might as well put a bull’s eye on your forehead! Every broker within a 90 mile radius has you targeted for cold calls. And every broker has a story.


How can you separate truth from rumor or fact from fiction? Brokers will claim to have completed more deals and bigger deals than anyone else. Some might claim they know more landlords and can guarantee you the best deal. Still others assert they know the market better than anyone – even “secret deals.”




What is fascinating is that some brokers provide pictures of buildings that they represent trying to entice you to relocate to their building without even knowing what your specific requirements are no less understanding your business needs.


So, How is IN/House Different?

Jerry Neitlich, Principal of IN/House developed a model whereas our clients view us as their firm's in-house real estate department. We become an integral part of the management team. We plan, implement and manage all of the facility needs on an ongoing basis. This means we are there for entire term of the lease.


No other commercial real estate firm provides this type of service. Addressing real estate matters does not start and stop with the transaction but rather it needs to be continually monitored and managed. Unless you have a full-time real estate person on staff, IN/House is your answer. We provide expertise in a complex area which may not your core business. The result is always great savings of time and money to you and your firm.


Because our business model is so unique we successfully compete against major regional, nationals and international firms either locally or around the country.


Our client base is built on personal referrals – we never make cold calls. Clients know we care about them and their long-term business goals – not just during the transaction. You can read more about our services under Engagement.

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