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HORROR! HORROR! Oh That Couldn't Happen to Me!!!


For years, we have been advising closely held companies on real estate issues. We help plan, implement, and monitor real estate needs based on the firm's business plan. Little did we know what a surprise we had in store for us when we actually moved OUR offices!!

As a closely held company ourselves, the move seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, something we'd done hundreds of time over the past years. We actually thought of having someone else negotiate our lease-You know, "The attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client."


Yes, our ego won.


Looking back at it now, we realized one of life’s most important lessons…you never quite understand someone unless you’re walked in their shoes…well…we walked and walked and walked. Yet, we’re still in the same place.  We know we may have given up something along the way but our staff and co-workers are happy…the landlord’s happy to have us…and we can better understand our clients’ emotional idiosyncrasies when it comes to relocating




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