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Interfacing with the Landlord


What happens if you have a problem with the landlord after you move in? Have you ever thought of calling your broker?


Our guess is that was probably the last thing you expected to do. After all, the broker showed you the space, negotiated the deal and got paid. What's in it for you in calling him? Since he probably won't get paid any more, what could be in it for him?


For you, the answer is simple. The landlord must now interface with someone who represents you and knows the ins and outs of both your lease and real estate practices. If the landlord is wrong, he/she'll help. If you're wrong, the broker should be able to guide you through the issues and come up with reasonable solutions that work for both parties.


Why did you choose the broker in the first place? If it was only for market information, you could have gotten the information you needed by either driving the streets yourself or going on the Internet. The broker should have expertise (or at least basic knowledge) in all areas that affect your leasehold. It's a thing called service, end of story.

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