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With so many landord/tenant or leasing issues occuring so rapidly, we will be limiting our monthly Blog posts but please click on our new "Solutions of the Day" section for short and quick answers to every day problems facing tenants

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Neitlich’s First Rule of Real Estate

“Look at all the signs out there. There’s a ton a space available,” said my new client. How many times have I heard that one from new clients? Thus, the development of Neitlich’s First Rule of Real Estate which emphatically states that, “If there is a sign in front of a building, there’s no space available.” This event seems to play out over and over almost daily. While a building may or may not have space available, it probably has a marketing sign in front but most likely does not ha ve space available that will work for your company. There may be 10,000 SF available but you only need 3,000 SF. Would the landlord cut off 3,000 SF just to accommodate you? And the reverse can be true where y

What space is right for you.

The debate continues on the commercial real estate front. how should a space be laid out for the best work environment? Along with that, landlords are stumbling over each other trying to figure out exactly what amenities tenants are asking for that would create the best environment to not only work but also engage fellow workers and recruit the best talent. Here is an interesting study recently published on the dilemma. http://ow.ly/IkNk30fiWOt Key advice tenants is to plan well in advance of any search as to exactly what the image of your space will be both internally and externally. Consider amenities in the project as well in the area. Be sure to have the space built out to meet your need

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