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With so many landord/tenant or leasing issues occuring so rapidly, we will be limiting our monthly Blog posts but please click on our new "Solutions of the Day" section for short and quick answers to every day problems facing tenants

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Is Market Knowledge That Important?

A headline like this will likely turn a few heads. After all, one of the major selling points that most brokers highlight in their pitch is how well they know the local market. Brokerage firms that have multiple offices often promote that fact to attract clients with locations throughout the USA. We are not downplaying the importance of local knowledge, but we will take a position that as a pure tenant rep, knowledge of the tenant may be the more important issue. In today’s world of instant information it is not difficult within a few strokes of a keyboard to get general data about most any market. A Real Time Example: IN/House is in Irvine, CA. It is our only office. So, what happens when a

What Should You Expect from Your Broker?

If you are within a year or less of your lease renewal date you are probably getting a plethora of cold calls from brokers soliciting your business. Real estate transactions do take time and depending on the size of your requirement, it could take longer than you think. But when you choose a broker to represent you, what should you be looking for? Certainly, if you have been following our Tenant Tactics Blog the first thing you should be screening for is conflict of interest. Does the firm exclusively represent tenants and void of any conflict? Which leads to the next thing to be looking for? Actually, there are several. First, what are the services your firm is looking for? Are you looking

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