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With so many landord/tenant or leasing issues occuring so rapidly, we will be limiting our monthly Blog posts but please click on our new "Solutions of the Day" section for short and quick answers to every day problems facing tenants

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Is Fair Market Value Really Fair?

In most industries, when a manufacturer makes or sells consumer products there is a simple pricing formula. For example, in the clothing business a company would manufacture a garment for “X” dollars. It would be sold to the retailers at “2X.” The retailer would then double that price and sell it to the consumers. At the end of each season the retailer might have a 25% off sale but he still made 25% profit. Not bad. With that said, it is unfortunate real estate isn’t structured this way. Or, for that matter, it would be wonderful if the industry had a magical formula that reflected cost to build plus expenses plus a fixed profit. Owners, rightfully so, look to maximize profits for their inve

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