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With so many landord/tenant or leasing issues occuring so rapidly, we will be limiting our monthly Blog posts but please click on our new "Solutions of the Day" section for short and quick answers to every day problems facing tenants

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What is a 2079 Form? Disclosure-Disclosure

Imagine that you were just served with a law suit. The first thing you would likely do would be to choose a competent lawyer to represent you. Likely, you would look to hire counsel that understood your case and had successfully tried many similar cases. But wait: you realize you have at least three choices of representation, all of whom have had a lot of success with your type of case. You can hire an attorney who almost exclusively represents plaintiffs but sometimes defendants. Or you can choose one that only represents defendants and never plaintiffs. Or maybe better yet, you can choose one who represents both sides at the same time. If given a choice, which one would you choose? Surpris

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