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With so many landord/tenant or leasing issues occuring so rapidly, we will be limiting our monthly Blog posts but please click on our new "Solutions of the Day" section for short and quick answers to every day problems facing tenants

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A History of Leases- How Are Landlords Shifting All Costs To The Tenant?

Where’s Marty McFly (Back to the Future) when you need him? How about going back to the days of yesteryear, wait, wrong movie. Either Marty or the Lone Ranger might be asking the same question, “Why does my rent go up in two ways every year?” The Lease says it increases by a certain percentage or fixed amount each year but then the Landlord also sends me another bill for something called Building Operating Expenses. Here is a bit of leasing history. Feel free to add or question or as we say in today’s world, “FactCheck.” My father-in-law used to share stories of his days as a commercial real estate broker in the early 1950’s. He was the top agent for Helmsey-Spears and Company in New York Ci

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